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Advertising & Public Relations Research

It’s easy to think of journalism as newspapers, advertising as commercials, and public relations as spin. But the depth of study in journalism and mass communication really knows no bounds. Hubbard School faculty members are taking deep dives on numerous topics. They’re answering questions that could change how we view the world and solving problems that affect citizens in their daily lives. Take a look.

Screen Grabbers: Claire Segijn Examines Multiscreening

Assistant Professor Claire Segijn examines multiscreening and its impact on us on the future of advertising.


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What are the implications of the simultaneous usage of multiple media for advertising effectiveness?

Assistant Professor Claire Segijn seeks to advance understanding of how the use of multiple media influences information processing and advertising effectiveness.

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What are the systematic methods for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising targeting based on big data?

 Professor Jisu Huh’s professional career has been devoted to advertising practice, research, education, and service, across the advertising industry and academia. 

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What role does geography play in how people experience corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

“The quest to answer this question began in the summer of 2018 with survey research at the Minnesota State Fair." - Associate Professor Amy O'Connor 

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How does corporate social responsibility (CSR) contribute to society?

Associate Professor Hyejoon Rim researches CSR effects and how corporations can better manage and communicate their CSR initiatives to leverage public engagement. 

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