MA/PhD & JD in Mass Communication & Law

The Hubbard School and University of Minnesota Law School offer an MA/JD and a PhD/JD dual degree program in mass communication and law.

The University of Minnesota offers a unique opportunity to students who are interested in earning either an MA/JD in three years or a PhD/JD in five years. The Hubbard School is regarded as one of the top graduate programs in mass communication and the University of Minnesota’s Law School is consistently ranked as one of the top law schools in the nation. This program boasts attributes that other programs cannot:

  • A top law school
  • A major media market
  • A thriving graduate program in mass communication

All these factors make the University of Minnesota a clear choice for students interested in studying mass communication law. These innovative degree programs enable students to tailor their education to suit their future career goals. Combined programs allow you to apply your credits toward degree requirements in both schools. This will help you save time and tuition expense because you won't have to pursue separate degrees.

Prospective students must apply to the Graduate School and the Law School separately, but admissions will be coordinated between the two schools. Applications are online at the Graduate School and the Law School.

Law students enrolled in their first year at the University of Minnesota are eligible to apply. Law students need only to apply to the mass communication program. View the mass communication program application instructions.

Do you have program or application questions? You can contact the Graduate Student Services office at [email protected].

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The Hubbard School Graduate Program is one of the best in the nation. 

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