Student Conference Presentations


International Communication Association

Clara Juarez Miro
“‘Liberals Declared War to Us, We Will Go to War.’ Populism Online: VOX and Forocoches”

Clara Juarez Miro and Benjamin Toff
“Message Boards and Right-Wing Populism: The Case of Forocoches and Vox in Spain”

Eugene Lee and Matthew Weber
“Gig Workers in Online Communities: Challenging Control and Sharing Knowledge”

Nicholas Mathews
“Life in a News Desert”
Top Student Paper in the Journalism Studies division

Renee Mitson and Matthew Weber
“External Communication and the Challenges of Understanding Feedback in Digital Contexts”

Fernando Severino
“From Newsrooms to News Frames: A Comparative Model of Factors Influencing Immigration News Coverage”

Allison Steinke and Valerie Belair-Gagnon
“A Voice for the Voiceless: Social Justice, Emotions, and the Detached Journalist”

Allison Steinke
“Prosecution, Protection, Prevention and Partnership: The Strategic Ritual of Emotionality in Sex Trafficking News Media Coverage”

Sarah Wiley
“Identity, Autonomy, and Press Freedom in Computational Journalism”
Top Student Paper in the Journalism Studies division

Hao Xu and Eugene Lee
“Effects of Perceived Psychological Distance on Publics’ Expectation and Evaluations of Corporate Social Advocacy (CSA)”
Top Student Paper in the Public Relations division

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Maral Abdolahi, Debarati Das, Xinyu Lu, Jisu Huh and Jaideep Srivastava
“Effects of Consumers’ Affective States on Ad Attention and Evaluation: A Hybrid Research Approach”

Jonathan Anderson
“Right to Know About the Right to Stay: Access to Information About American Immigration Courts”
First Place Student Paper Award in the Law and Policy division

Jonathan Anderson and David Pritchard
“Policy Liberalism and Access to Information in American States”

Ida Darmawan and Jisu Huh
“Unbranded and Branded Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA) Using Social Media: Influencers and Effects of Disclosure”

Claire Segijn and Eunah Kim
“Am I Being Watched? The Role of Perceived Surveillance and Privacy Cynicism in Synced Advertising Effect”
First Place Special Topics Paper Award in the Advertising division

Nick Mathews
“The Role of Community Caretaker: How Weekly Newspapers Defended Their Communities While Reporting on the Mississippi ICE Raid”
Top Student Paper in the Community Journalism interest group

Renee Mitson
“No One Knows What I do: Strategic Hires and Emerging Professions in the Context of Organizational Absorptive Capacity”

Weijia Shi
“Decisional Conflict Versus Informational Conflict: Assessing Effects of Exposure to Different Types of Conflicting Health Information”

Allison Steinke and Valerie Belair-Gagnon
“The Strategic Ritual of Emotionality in Trafficking, Immigration, and Asylum News”

Hao Xu
“Stand on Parties or Issues? Comparing the Effects of Different Corporate Social Advocacy Strategies”
Third Place Student Competition Paper Award in the Public Relations division

Hao Xu, Jisu Huh, Smitha Muthya Sudheendra, Debarati Das, and Jaideep Srivastava
“Publics’ Emotional Reactions and Acceptance and Organizational Crisis Response in the Case of Boeing 737 MAX Crisis”