Media and Information Major

The Media and Information major helps you develop knowledge and skills about the role of media and mass communication in society and media storytelling with strategy and purpose. The major is designed for students who wish to pursue a liberal arts approach to the study of media institutions, processes, effects, theory, research methods, and analysis. While this major helps you develop a set of skills and methodological/theoretical knowledge, it could also be applied to, but not exclusively to, professional settings such as psychology, law, and politics.

What You Can Study

Media and Information majors can choose a program emphasis in areas such as:

  • Emerging Media, Technology, and Management
  • Global Media and Diversity
  • Health Communication
  • Media History
  • Media Ethics and Law
  • Media, Politics, and Psychology

Your Career Path

The Media and Information major helps students develop research methods and analytical skills that can be applied to a number of different fields, including law, academia, and the professional sector. Your studies also can serve as preparation for a graduate degree, a law degree, or an MBA degree. 

  • Campaign developer 
  • Media analyst
  • Media researcher
  • Professor


Adham Mohamed
Adham Mohamed
Media & Information, Senior

One pleasantly surprising aspect of my major has been the overwhelming sense of camaraderie and support among students. The sense of community within the Media and Information and Strategic Communication programs has been a source of inspiration and motivation throughout my academic journey.