Research Opportunities

The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication is a leader in journalism and communication research. Below are a few of the research groups currently held. 

Journalism Studies

Hosted by the Minnesota Journalism Center, the journalism studies research group is concerned with journalism theory, journalism research, and professional education in journalism. The group examines a wide array of theoretical, empirical, and methodological approaches grounded in the study of journalism across temporal and geographical contexts. Contacts: Professors Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Matt Carlson, and Matthew Weber.

Media and Politics Research Group

The Media & Politics Research Group (MPRG) meets regularly over dinner in informal off-campus settings to discuss new and ongoing research projects in political communications research, broadly defined. The group includes faculty and graduate students from a range of disciplines including journalism and mass communication, political science, psychology, and public policy. 

Research in Strategic Communication

The research in strategic communication lab group is focused on (quantitative) research methods to study questions in advertising and PR research. The research groups include HSJMC faculty and graduate students. Undergraduate students working on research projects under supervision of the lab Faculty (e.g., UROP, DFRAC) are also welcome. By discussing issues related to methodology, measurement, stimulus, or survey design, the lab members have the opportunity to receive feedback on ongoing projects and to learn from each other's projects. Contact: Professors Hyejoon Rim and Claire Segijn.

Social Media Analytics and Computational Communication Research Group

The Social Media Analytics and Computational Communication Research Group is devoted to interdisciplinary computational social science research approaches to examining communication phenomena and problems in multiple contexts. The research group includes graduate students and faculty from HSJMC and Computer Science. Ongoing projects: (1) computational trust and viral advertising diffusion through social networks; (2) news audience’s trust in and engagement with news organizations and the role of citizen-sourced materials in the news; and (3) commercial rumor spread on social media and counter-rumor strategies. Contact: Dr. Jisu Huh, Professor and Raymond O. Mithun Chair in Advertising.