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Health Communication Research

It’s easy to think of journalism as newspapers, advertising as commercials, and public relations as spin. But the depth of study in journalism and mass communication really knows no bounds. Hubbard School faculty members are taking deep dives on numerous topics. They’re answering questions that could change how we view the world and solving problems that affect citizens in their daily lives. Take a look.

Rebekah Nagler

In the age of the internet, keeping up with the latest health information can feel like a constant uphill battle. How can consumers stay up to date without getting confused or frustrated? Associate Professor Rebekah Nagler dives into the ways Americans can be confronted with conflicting health information, and how we can sort out the information we need.

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Marco Yzer

Mental Health Messaging

Yzer's research tackles the challenge of reaching those affected by mental health issues in a language and messaging mode that resonates with them.

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