Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Every year, the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication presents our graduate students with fellowships and awards that support their research and their ability to attend conferences related to their research interests. This section recognizes award recipients.

2022-2023 Competitive Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF)  
Recipient: Maral Abdollahi (PhD) 
Paper:  "Human Users’ Responses to Virtual Social Media Influencers and Strategic and Ethical Implications for Communication."

2021-2022 Competitive Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Diversity of Views and Experience (DOVE) Fellowship 
Recipient: Folasade Adesanya (PhD) 

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF)  
Recipient: Allison Steinke (PhD)
Paper: "The Institutionalization of Solutions Journalism" 

Dan Wackman First Year Graduate Student Research Award
Winner: Bugil Chang
Paper: "I Distrust You Because One of You Did Something Wrong: Spillover Effect of Distrust Elicited by an NPO's Crisis on Overall NPO's"

Honorable Mention [Wackman Submission]
Recipient: Rowan McMullen Cheng (MA) 
"Busking the News: "Institutional Journalistic Critique and Author-Audience Relationship on Substack"

Ralph D. Casey Dissertation Award
Recipient: Clara Juarez Miro (PhD) 
Paper: "Who are “The Pure People”? Populist Supporters and the Role of Media in the Populist Imagined Community"

Vincent Bancroft Shea Travel Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Sarah Wiley (PhD) 
Folasade Adesanya (PhD) 
Jonathan Anderson (PhD)
Clara Juarez Miro (PhD) 
Yuming Fang (PhD)
Nick Mathews (PhD) 
Danford Zirugo (PhD) 

Michael H. Anderson Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Clara Juarez Miro (PhD) 
Sarah Wiley (PhD)