Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Every year, the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication gives out several awards for students to be able to do research and attend various conferences related to their research interests. Below, students utilized provided fellowship funds for conference attendance, conference participation, and/or research materials and expenses. Titles listed under student’s names represent the work they submitted to our graduate committee for either continuous research or for presenting the work at a conference.

2019-2020 Recipients 

Dan Wackman First Year Graduate Student Research Award
Winners: Renee Mitson (MA), Eugene Lee (MA), and Jonathan Anderson (PhD)
Paper: “Gender Expectations, Enjoyment, and Willingness to Recommend Television Among Males”

Ralph D. Casey Dissertation Award
Scott Memmel (PhD)
Paper: “Pressing the Police and Policing the Press: The History and Law of the Relationship Between the News Media and Law Enforcement in the United States,”

Weijia Shi (PhD)
Paper: “The Roles of Perceived Conflict and Self-Relevance in Processing Contradictory Health Information,”

Vincent Bancroft Shea Fellowship Recipients
Clara Juarez Miro (PhD)
Eunah Kim (PhD)
Fernando Severino Diaz
Sarah Wiley (PhD)
Hao Xu (PhD)
Sarah Wiley (PhD)
Eugene Lee (MA)
Renee Mitson (MA)

Michael Anderson Fellowship Recipients
Fernando Severino Diaz (PhD)
Allison Steinke (PhD)
Sarah Wiley (PhD)
Hao Xu
Clara Juarez Miro
Michaele Myers
Eunah Kim (PhD)
Renee Mitson (MA)

Wells Fellowship Recipients
Eunah Kim (PhD)