Major and Pre-Major Advising

The Hubbard School has a dedicated advising staff for all our students. Click on an appointment time on the calendar below to find a drop-in hour.

If you can’t make the drop-in hours, send an email message and someone will find a time to meet.

Contact Rebecca Rassier at [email protected] Rebecca can help you:

  • Make changes to your program plan/APAS
  • Learn about course prerequisites, registration or other course-related questions
  • Discuss petitions for exemptions to School policies or concerns about courses
  • Discuss learning abroad options

Contact Troy Schillinger at [email protected] Troy can help you: 

  • Get answers to pre-major and application questions
  • Explore the Hubbard School majors and associate careers
  • Engage with Hubbard School student organizations and campus media
  • Connect with career services, the Hubbard School mentor program, and events
  • Declare the Media and Information or Digital Media Studies minor

Hubbard School Student Services Drop-In Hours

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