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Journalism Studies

It’s easy to think of journalism as newspapers, advertising as commercials, and public relations as spin. But the depth of study in journalism and mass communication really knows no bounds. Hubbard School faculty members are taking deep dives on numerous topics. They’re answering questions that could change how we view the world and solving problems that affect citizens in their daily lives. Take a look.

Chris Terry

Our media system is ever present in our lives, yet disparities exist for control of media across racial, ethnic and gender categories at the same time as insufficient infrastructure has created a digital divide. Finding policy solutions to problems in the media ecosphere keeps Associate Professor Christopher Terry busy.

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Ben Toff

Benjamin Toff investigates what’s driving declines in trust in news, both at home and abroad.

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Bélair-Gagnon’s work aims to help protect journalists in their least regulated space yet: social media.

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Sid Bedingfield

Associate Professor Sid Bedingfield’s research focuses on journalism's role in democratic societies during times of political and cultural change.

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colin agur

Connecting Online or Going Off the Trail – Now, You Can Do Both

Associate Professor Colin Agur’s work seeks to shed light on the ways adventurers and average pedestrians use smartphone apps while out in the world.

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