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Past Events

Cowles Auditorium, Hubert H. Humphrey Center

37th Annual Silha Lecture: "Inherit the WHAT? Banning Books in 2022"


One in Four: The Ethics of Covering People with Disabilities


36th Annual Silha Lecture: The First Amendment and Diversity: A Marketplace Failure


Retrospective: First Amendment rights and the U.S. Capitol Insurrection


2020 Silha Lecture: Inconvenient Truths and Tiger Kings


2020 Special Webinar: Covering Protests: First Amendment Protections and Responsibilities Afforded Journalists


2020 Silha Center Spring Forum/SPJ Ethics Event: "What the Fact?"

Cowles Auditorium, West Bank Campus

2019 Silha Lecture: "In Defense of Public Trials: Access to Court Proceedings in the Internet Age"

Northrop Mall

2019 Special Event: Minnesota Daily First Amendment Celebration

2019 Silha Center Spring Forum: "Free Press - Fair Trial: The Ethics of Writing Wrongs"

2018 Silha Lecture: "The First Amendment and #MeToo"

2018 Spring Symposium: "The State of our Satirical Union"

2017 Silha Lecture: "Making Media Law Great Again: The First Amendment in the Time of Trump"

2017 Spring Forum: "Making News or Faking News? Ethical Journalism in a Post-Truth Era"

2017 Special Event: Free Speech vs. Free Space

2016 Silha Lecture: "The Politics and Law of the Culture Wars..."

2015 Silha Lecture : "Clear and Present Danger..."

2015 Special Event: Can One Laugh at Everything: Satire and Free Speech After Charlie

2014 Silha Lecture: "See No Evil: Why We Need a New Approach to Government Transparency"

2014 Symposium: "How Far from Near? 50 Years of New York Times v. Sullivan in Minnesota and Beyond"

2013 Silha Lecture: "The Lessons of the Pentagon Papers: Has Obama Learned Them?"

2013 Silha Center Spring Forum

2013 Silha Center Spring Forum: Digital Evidence: Privacy, Acquisition, Proof

2012 Silha Lecture: A Question of Taste: The Ethics and Craft of Restaurant Reviewing

2012 Spring Forum: Focusing on the Ethics of Cameras in the Courtroom

2012 Spring Forum: A Virtual Bill of Rights: Does the Constitution Protect Virtual Speech and Conduct?

2011 Silha Lecture: Free Speech and the Digital Challenge Around the Globe: A Conversation with Mark Stephens

2011 Silha Center Spring Forum: Justice Brennan: Champion of the Free Press

2011 Silha Center Spring Ethics Forum

2010 Silha Lecture: "Not Child's Play: The Misguided Effort to Regulate Violent Video Games"

2010 Co-Sponsored Event: Power and the Press

2010 Spring Ethics Forum: The Propaganda State: The Inordinate Influence of PR on the Press

2010 Special Presentation: Journalist Impairment: Identifying and Managing the Emotional Demands of Life in Journalism

2010 Spring Forum: Criminal Conduct in the Virtual World: Of Avatars and Evidence

2010 Special Event: The Death and Life of American Journalism: The Media Revolution That Will Begin the World Again

2009 Silha Lecture: Unspoken Realities about Investigative Journalism and the Law

2009 SPJ Town Hall Meeting: Fever Pitch: Does Health News Reporting Leave Consumers Out in the Cold?

2009 Spring Forum: Surveillance, Anonymity, and Privacy: Law Enforcement on Your Computer

2008 Special Event: The Curious Love-Hate Relationship Between Media Law and Media Ethics

2008 Fall Forum: The FCC's New Media Ownership Rules: Emotions and Reason in Rulemaking

2008 Silha Lecture: "Raise Your Hand if You're a Journalist: Does Responsible Reporting Need a Legal Defense?"

2008 Special Event: Chicago 10

2008 Co-Sponsored Forum: "Your Credentials, Please: The Media and Law Enforcement at the RNC"

2008 Special Event: Cogi-tations: A Program of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information

2008 Silha Spring Ethics Forum: Journalism from the Frontlines: Remaining Independent When Covering Politics and War

2008 Spring Forum: New Media, New Standards? Ethics in Online Journalism

2007 Silha Lecture: The Kids Are All Right: Violent Media, Free Expression, and the Drive to Regulate

2007 Spring Forum: When Tragedy Strikes, What is the Media's Role?

2007 Special Event: Digital Privacy is not Anonymity: You Can't Hide from the Data on Your Computer

2007 Special Event: Without Fear or Favor: Objectivity Revisited

2006 Special Event: Judges in J-Schools

2006 Silha Lecture: "The Freedom of the Press v. The National Security"

2006 Spring Forum: The Customer is Always Right? The Assault on Media Impartiality from the Empowered American Consumer

2006 Special Event: Your Email is Not Yours: Government Surveillance and Digital Privacy

2006 Spring Forum on Truth-Telling in Campaign Advertisements

2006 Special Event: The End of Journalism? Why News Still Matters

2005 Silha Lecture: Confidential Sources of Journalists: Protection or Prohibition?

2004 Silha Lecture: High Hopes and Dire Warnings: In Search of a Credo for Today’s Journalist

2003 Silha Lecture: Political Liberty: Campaign Finance and Freedoms of Speech and Association