Affiliate Faculty

Antunovic, Dunja

Assistant Professor, Sport Sociology

Kinesiology, College of Education and Human Development

| [email protected]

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Center for Bioethics

612-626-5347 | [email protected]

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Fan, David P.

* May serve as a major field committee representative only.

Genetics/Cell Bio 342 BioSci

612-624-4718 | [email protected]

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Gollust, Sarah E.

School of Public Health 420 Delaware St SE

612-626-2618 | [email protected]

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Gurak, Laura

Office hours

McGeveran, Bill

Law School 285 MondaleH

612-625-6047 | [email protected]

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Swensen, Rebecca

Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resource Communication 146D Ruttan Hall

612-625-3866 | [email protected]

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Snyder, Mark

Psychology N218 Elliott Hall

612-625-1507 | [email protected]

Office hours

Wolfe, Thomas

History 914 Heller Hall

612-624-1886 | [email protected]

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