Luckett Vanguard

Luckett is a member of the NSAC team.
Graduation year
Strategic Communication

Why did you decide to pursue your major?
You know, it's funny to recount my process into Strat Comm. At the beginning of my college career, I thought it was vital to pick a major that was perfect for me. In my mind, that very major was going to shape the rest of my life. Because of that mindset, I walked into college committed to the idea that I was going to become the best undergraduate International business student any college has ever seen. That fantasy quickly died so I shifted to Computer Science. Once again, not a fit. Finally, after speaking with someone in the advertising industry I realized that my creative interests were better suited for a career centered around ideas and focused on people. After talking with a few faculty members in the Hubbard School, I made the switch and the rest is history.

What has been your favorite part of your experience at the Hubbard School?
The Hubbard School is a great place to develop not only as a professional but also as a person. I think it's amazing that we students have access to such an incredibly smart and talented faculty. As a person prone to word-vomiting questions at a rate that could break the sound barrier, it's great to know that my professors are always ready to provide a deeper understanding of any question I may pose. Whether I’m concerned about properly analyzing data, or if I should sound more casual when reaching out on LinkedIn, there always seems to be an answer that helps me develop in ways that matter to me.

What class or professor has had the biggest impact on you?
Listen, if I’m being honest I could list each professor I’ve had thus far. I have yet to run into a faculty member that isn’t willing to take a few moments from their day to chat with us students just to make sure we’re doing ok. With that being said, I have to mention the impact that Mark Jenson has had on my time here at the University. Anyone who has had the privilege of meeting Mark knows that he embodies kindness and care. Mark has a dedication to each of his students that is immediately felt within moments of talking to him. I was introduced to Mark when he came into my Journalism 1001 course and spoke about the National Student Advertising Competition. Since then Mark has given me pep talks, introduced me to scholarships that I didn't know existed, furthered my knowledge of the advertising industry, and above all he has remained available and approachable. I aim to possess a fraction of his mindfulness and compassion.

What minors, internships, or activities are you pursuing outside of your major? How do you think these enhance your major and/or your future career plans?
Currently, I work as a brand developer for a local company here in Minneapolis. I’m extremely fortunate to have a job that allows me to practice the skills that I learn in class. I also joined the NSAC team this year and I’m stoked. For anyone interested in going into the advertising industry check out NSAC. It's the closest thing you can get to professional experience and it's quite possibly the most fun you’ll have while at the U.

What advice do you have for future Hubbard School students?
The only thing that I would suggest is to reach out to your professors and ask questions. They have life/work experience that they are more than willing to share with you. You don’t need to know all of the answers and some people are willing to help you. Take advantage of that.

What is one aspect of your major that most surprised you?
One aspect of my major that surprised me was how many jobs it applies to. With a Strat Comm degree, I can work in entertainment, government, finance, and everything in between. I love that I’m developing a foundation of knowledge here at the Hubbard School, and I’ll be able to apply it to whatever job market is best suited for me in the future.

What do you wish you had known about your career path before now?
I really can’t say that there’s anything that I wish I had known before. There are so many facets to the advertising industry and part of the fun is letting them unfold over time. Each day feels like a treasure hunt and it is extremely rewarding to find tidbits of knowledge that apply to whatever problem I'm working to solve at that moment.