Lauren Myhra

Lauren is the managing director of CLAgency, a student communications agency in CLA
Graduation year
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Strategic Communications

Interview by Elizabeth Brunette

Why did you decide to become a Strategic Communications major?

I have always had an interest in marketing, advertising, and public relations, but was drawn more toward the more strategic and creative side. That combined with my love for writing made me know that the School of Journalism would be the right fit for me.

Are you pursuing any minors, internships, or fields of interest outside your Journalism major? If so, how do you think these enhance your study of Strategic Communication?

I am currently the managing director for CLAgency, a student-run communications agency within the College of Liberal Arts. We work with the College and its departments to highlight and feature aspects that shatter the expectations of what a liberal arts education looks like. I started as an account executive and am now managing director—so it's been an incredible experience to build my writing, communications, and leadership skills.

What has been the most interesting experience you’ve had related to your major or club activities? What did you learn from this experience?

The summer after my sophomore year, I applied for CLAgency’s associate managing director position. I got the job, which led me to have a summer internship with Fast Horse, an integrated creative agency located in the North Loop, that was founded by HSJMC alumnus Jorg Pierach. I got to work with clients like Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Champs Sports—which was exciting and an incredible learning opportunity.

How has CLAgency helped you in your major and define your career aspirations?

CLAgency has given me the opportunity to apply the skills that I'm learning in my classes in a real-world setting. It has also shown me that I really enjoy the agency dynamic.

What is your dream job?

This is a great question! Right now, I am thinking I would love to be a content strategist with a medium-sized agency, but I am still exploring different focuses within PR.

What advice do you have for future HSJMC students?

I would recommend future HSMJC students take the time to look for opportunities outside of their course work that will further their skill sets. Join a student organization, find an internship, write for an online website—something that will build upon skills you'll use after graduation.

Lauren Myhra