Hubbard School Courses Featured in Case Study

Featured by the Center for Community News

The Center for Community News at the University of Vermont featured the Hubbard School's community journalism course and off-site practicums in a case study: University of Minnesota Creates Opportunities for Students to Report on Campus and Beyond

The School's Field-based Practicum is more than 20-years strong, and teaches advanced reporting skills through hands-on experience, professional oversight and thoughtful discussions with working journalists. Classes are held at news organizations, such as MPR and the Pioneer Press, where students work directly with editors to produce news, features or other content. That work experience is complemented in weekly sessions by readings, projects and discussions with journalists. Students leave the semester with published clips for their portfolios.

The Brovald-Sim Community Journalism Course takes place every spring. Students focus on covering an underrepresented community in and around the University of Minnesota and highlight stories on the course’s own website: AccessU. The students conduct an intensive survey of the chosen community and feature stories and photos about the community and its relationship to the University. Communities covered in the past include the disability community, the Black community, the LGTBQ+ community, and those in recovery.

Read more about the programs in the case study