Fall 2022 Silha Bulletin

Volume 28, Number 1

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Cover Story: Courts Face Varied Questions in Notable Defamation Cases
Since the summer of 2022, plaintiffs in high-profile defamation cases have largely continued to fail to meet the “actual malice” standard for  lawsuits involving public figures.

Reporter’s Privilege: DOJ Issues New Rules Protecting Reporter’s Privilege 
On Oct. 26, 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) released a policy broadly prohibiting the federal government from seeking reporters’ newsgathering information using any form of compulsory legal process, including subpoenas, search warrants, and court orders, among others.

Access: Minnesota Sees Mixed Results on Access and First Amendment Issues Related to Law Enforcement, Government Information, and Protests 
In the final months of 2022, Minnesota courts reached different results in cases with notable implications for press freedom and access to government information.

Endangered Journalists: Two American Journalists Killed in Connection with Their Work; Western Journalists Covering Protests in China Detained
In the summer and fall of 2022, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) identified at least 15 reporters who died under suspicious circumstances. 

Election 2020: First Amendment Issues Abound Two Years After 2020 Election
Even after the midterm elections have passed and Americans look forward to the 2024 presidential election, federal courts continue to deal with the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election and unfounded allegations of election fraud. 

Law & Regulation: Congress, FTC Work to Address Privacy, Speech Concerns
In the fall of 2022, lawmakers and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) acted on privacy and speech concerns.

First Amendment: Federal Courts Field Similar First Amendment Issues, Seek Consistent Standards
Addressing one of the most controversial First Amendment issues in recent years, neighboring U.S. Courts of Appeal split on the constitutionality of laws that prevent social media platforms from “censoring” posts and users.

License Revocation: Latvian Regulator Revokes License of Russian Independent Broadcaster TV Rain
On Dec. 6, 2022, Ivars Abolins, the head of the Latvian National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP), issued Decision No. 436/1-2, “On the cancellation of broadcast permit No. AA-180/1 of the electronic media SIA ‘TV Rain’ programme ‘TV Rain.’”

UK Legislation: UK Journalists, Editors, Activists, and Lawyers Urge Adoption of Anti-SLAPP Legislation
More than 70 media professionals, including journalists, editors, and attorneys, joined in a letter to the United Kingdom’s Justice Secretary Dominic Raab uring the government to fulfill its commitment to introduce robust anti-SLAPP measures in the country.

Silha Center Events: 37th Annual Silha Lecture Addresses Book Bans, Censorship
On Oct. 25, 2022, Robert Corn-Revere, a First Amendment expert and partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP in Washington, D.C., discussed book bans during the 37th annual Silha Lecture.