Amy O'Connor's New Book Released

The Routledge Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility Communication
Amy O'Connor

Associate Professor Amy O'Connor's new book, The Routledge Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility Communication, is now available. 

According to Routledge, this handbook is a resource for students, faculty, and researchers who are focused on understanding the role communication plays in the formation and execution of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

Amy's book

As editor, O'Connor brought together thought-leaders and emerging scholars from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives to examines the issues central to CSR communication including: theoretical underpinnings, form and content of CSR messaging, the boundaries of engagement, and the tensions associated with CSR communication. The book offers a unique combination of functional and formative approaches to CSR communication designed to expose readers to a blend of approaches. With attention to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, this handbook also explicitly addresses recent societal changes and how those changes will impact CSR communication research and practices in the future.

Offering both a strong introduction to topics for novices as well as a more advanced interrogation of CSR communication for more knowledgeable readers, the handbook is appropriate for advanced students and researchers in public relations, strategic communication, organizational communication, and allied fields.