Summer 2022 Silha Bulletin

Volume 27, Number 3

Below is the Table of Contents for the Summer 2022 edition of the Silha Bulletin.  Click on the story title to read the full article.

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Cover Story: Special Report: Private Companies, Federal Government Respond to Data Privacy Issues Raised by Dobbs
On June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ruling that the Constitution does not provide a right to abortion and that the authority to regulate abortion should be left to the states. 

Defamation: State, Federal Courts Grapple with High-Profile Defamation Cases 
During the summer of 2022, both federal and state courts have fielded and considered several high-profile defamation cases.

Ethics: Media Ethics Concerns Arise in Republican Campaigning, Testimony Against Trump, and the Uvalde School Shooting 
Media ethics issues have featured in political news leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.

Surveillance: Special Report: Journalists Remain Vulnerable to Surveillance from Tech, Law Enforcement, and Government Entities
Law enforcement and state actors threatened journalists’ safety and data privacy this year in several major ways. 

War in Ukraine: Russian War Against Ukraine Results in Continued Challenges to Media
The Winter/Spring 2022 issue of the Silha Bulletin featured a compilation highlighting some of the effects on the media brought about by the war in Ukraine headlined “Russian War Against Ukraine Results in Numerous Challenges to International Media.” 

Legislation: Special Report: Federal Lawmakers Propose New Regulation to Strengthen Privacy Protections
Legislators at the national level took significant action to pass federal privacy laws during 2022. 

Access: Minnesota Journalists Face Barriers to Reporting from Courts, Law Enforcement
In 2022, journalists in Minnesota saw new — and ongoing — obstacles to reporting. 

Silha Center Events: Robert Corn-Revere to Deliver 37th Annual Silha Lecture: “Inherit the What?    Banning Books in 2022”
The award-winning play and film Inherit the Wind immortalized the Scopes “monkey trial” of 1925, one of the first to be called “the trial of the century.”