Court weighs allowing courtroom cameras in George Floyd case

Jane Kirtley is interviewed for the story

"A coalition of media organizations, including The Associated Press, has requested camera access, arguing that cameras would increase transparency, especially during the pandemic.

Kirtley, who is part of the coalition, said any concerns that cameras would be disruptive can be managed by the judge. Although overflow courtrooms can increase access, they are often small, their closed-circuit monitors may not provide the best quality and the experience is usually diminished. She said meaningful access is key, and there should be a presumption that the public has a right to see everything that happens in the courtroom.

Livestreaming proceedings to the court’s YouTube channel could be an option as well, she said. Other states have chosen to do that during the pandemic.

“It’s frankly time for us to move into the 21st century,” Kirtley said."

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Jane Kirtley