The Hubbard School Welcomes Two New Faculty Members

Danielle Kilgo and Adam Saffer join Murphy Hall
Danielle Kilgo

Danielle Kilgo (Ph.D., University of Texas) joins the School as the John & Elizabeth Cowles Professor of Journalism, Diversity and Equality after beginning her career at Indiana University-Bloomington's Media School. She researches news media’s and media audiences’ contribution to uneven power dynamics and diversity issues in society. Her published work explores how the public perceives and engages with news content published online and within social media, primarily in the contexts of police brutality, government impunity and social movements against violence and racism. Prior to her research career, Kilgo worked as a photojournalist and public relations professional.

“It’s a research dream to get to work with world-class faculty, elite students, a diverse media market, and an engaged citizenry,” she said. “I think I’m most excited about the collaborations, projects, and programs that the future will hold. The opportunities at the University and within the Twin Cities area are endless, and I am eager to contribute to HSJMC’s unparalleled efforts to innovate in journalism research and education.”

Adam Saffer

Adam J. Saffer (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) joins the School as an advanced Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication after beginning his career on the faculty of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's Huessman School of Journalism and Media. Saffer's research revolves around a core interest in understanding the ways individuals, groups, and organizations use and are influenced by communication networks. His recent work is particularly focused on revealing how the social ties individuals activate in response to health messages and political events have hidden influences on the reception of messages or perception of events. Saffer has published in journals such as the American Behavioral Scientist, AIDS & Behavior, Journal of Communication, and Management Communication Quarterly.

“In a time of considerable uncertainty, it’s reassuring to be joining the vibrant and forward-looking faculty at HSJMC," he said. “The COVID-19 pandemic has created an acute need for effective and ethical strategic communication. I’m excited to join the mix of researchers and practitioners at HSJMC who will train the next generation of strategic communicators who will navigate the other side of this pandemic. And I’m particularly excited to advance my communication network research agenda with the research infrastructure and support provided by the Hubbard School.”