J.D. Duggan

St. Paul Pioneer Press Intern

With which organization did you intern?
St. Paul Pioneer Press

Where is it located?
St. Paul, MN

How did you find out about the internship?
The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Comm offers a ‘practicum,’ or internship, to work at various local news organizations.

What were your responsibilities?
I covered whatever I was assigned, from the naming of a new giraffe at Como Zoo to a protest that happened when Trump visited Minneapolis. But I also pitched stories that were within my beat, like a story about Roseville’s crime rate and police department funding.

What did you most enjoy?
Pioneer Press treated their interns as reporters. We had a lot of freedom to pitch and report as we pleased.

What is something that you learned from your internship experience?
I learned to just go for it and do what I think is best for reporting on a community. I also learned that communication is key and editors sometimes have great ideas. I learned to pitch a story, even if it wasn’t very good, because sometimes my editor would make it better.

How will the internship help you in your future studies/ career?
I got some unique clips from this experience and I made some new contacts that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. This internship especially taught me about the importance of being a self starter.

What’s one piece of advice you would give other students about securing an exciting internship?
Make meaningful connections. This industry highly values your network, and having friends in the business will help to tip you off to tons of opportunities.

J.D. Duggan