Carly Berglund

Intern at KSTP-TV

What organization did you intern with? Where is it located?
I worked at KSTP-TV on Minnesota Live, a weekday morning show. KSTP-TV is located off University Avenue on the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

How did you find out about the internship?
It's a funny story. My mom ran into one of the anchors on Minnesota Live one day last year, and she talked with him about my journalism major. He mentioned to her that KSTP would be hiring interns and encouraged me to apply. I reached out to him on LinkedIn that night, and he connected me with a supervisor. I remember being nervous to send a message on LinkedIn to someone I had never met, but I am so glad I went for it!

What were your responsibilities?
Every morning before the show, I would print scripts and assist guests backstage. I went along to shoots with reporters and photojournalists, learned how to write for television, and helped produce lifestyle segments.

What did you most enjoy about your role?
I learned so much from the people at KSTP-TV, and especially from the teams on Minnesota Live and Twin Cities Live. I was welcomed into staff meetings and truly felt like I was part of the team. 

What did you learn from your internship experience?
Coming out of this role, I feel so much more confident in my knowledge of the television industry. On my very first day, my supervisor told me that this internship would teach me the inner workings of how a television program comes together. Mission accomplished!

How will this internship set you up for success in your future studies, or your career?
I feel more confident in saying this is exactly what I want to do for my career. I now have real-world experiences I can apply to my current classes, and that strengthens my comprehension of course materials in many ways. 

What is one piece of advice you would give other students seeking an exciting internship?
I would say to shoot your shot. This might mean reaching out to companies you'd love to intern at, or cold calling someone who has a job you admire. You'll never know if you don't try. You never know what opportunities might be right around the corner!

Carly Berglund