Anne Hilker

Production Intern at Late Night with Seth Meyers

Major: Strategic Communication, Anthropology
Graduation year: 2019

Anne Hilker


Interview by Elizabeth Brunette

With which organization did you intern?

Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC

Where is it located?

New York City

How did you find out about the internship?

I made a list of the top five places I wanted to intern and then researched those opportunities. I found the Late Night with Seth Meyers application online and sent it in with a 90-second video explaining why I would make a great intern. I tried to reflect the show’s humor and pacing in my video, and incorporated research I did on Seth’s background. Then I hoped for the best!

What were your responsibilities?

I was a production intern for the late night talk show which is taped daily and broadcast every night on NBC at 12:35 AM EST. My responsibilities changed day to day. Some days I assisted producers on set, running errands for them and organizing the live studio audience. Other days I was working in the office, researching for the talent department and picking up props for pre-taped shoots. I also assisted on a field shoot, and worked until 2 a.m. on the live election night special in November. And I raised my hand for whatever odd tasks came up (including buying a Halloween costume for Seth’s dog!).

What did you most enjoy?

I loved working on set, watching the rehearsals, following the changes made to the episode as the news day progressed, and learning about all the small details that make a daily show happen. At the end of the semester, all of the interns were invited to a lunch with Seth and Mike Shoemaker, the showrunner, where we had an opportunity to ask questions.

What is something that you learned from your internship experience?

I learned a lot of networking and communications skills. As an intern I was helping out in different departments, giving me opportunities to connect with a variety of people who work on the show. This internship taught me how to conduct myself in a professional environment and navigate the written and unwritten rules of the office culture. In addition, interns were invited to schedule sit-downs with staff members. I did three separate informational interviews with the writers Jon Lutz, Ben Warheit and Jermaine Affonso to better understand their career paths and get advice on breaking into the business.

How will your internship help you in your future studies/career?

I really gained a sense of what I like about production. This experience was so eclectic and well-rounded that I left knowing what I am passionate about and what I want to aim toward in my career. It gave me more confidence to pursue my goals.

What's one piece of advice you would give other students about securing an exciting internship?

Get creative in researching internship opportunities and don’t be shy about applying. I have loved Seth Meyers since he hosted Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live and really appreciate the interviews and political comedy on his show now. Make a list of the top places you’d want to work, really get to know the programs inside and out, and send in an application that shows you understand their sensibility and creative approach. You never know what could happen unless you try!