Abbey Zepper

Intern at Minnesota United

Major: Strategic Communication & Sport Management
Graduation Year: 2021


With which organization did you intern? 
Minnesota United FC

Where is it located? 
Minneapolis-St. Paul

How did you find out about the internship? 
I had the opportunity to meet several executives with the organization and one of the positions that they were readily searching for people for was as a Brand Ambassador.

What were your responsibilities? 
I was a part of a team that would promote the organization and team at events happening throughout the community. We would interact with fans and the public to inform them of an ever-growing sport in America. On game days, my team would be in charge of executing different aspects of in-game production that creates the different experiences of the game and its atmosphere

What did you most enjoy? 
I loved being able to be a part of a growing team and organization that truly supported you in your career. I loved being a part of the game and being able to say that I was able to help make the day what it is. You also meet so many people throughout all the games and events.

What is something that you learned from your internship experience? 
I learned a lot within the industry and how different aspects all connect and function within one another. Everyone truly plays a crucial role in the success of the organization.

How will the internship help you in your future studies/ career? 
I will use this opportunity to advance within the field and also continually create connections throughout the industry.

What’s one piece of advice you would give other students about securing an exciting internship? 
This may sound so cliche, but never turn down an opportunity. It may help you find a career that you didn’t know you’d be interested in. You can grow so much from different experiences and this can only help you in the future!

Abbey Zepper