Behind the Headlines

Reporters and news consumers in a 24/7 media world

The Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries present a panel discussion that examines the current state of news gathering and the challenges of training tomorrow’s reporters, while providing tips on how to be a better and more responsible news consumer. 

About the Panelists
Star Tribune reporter Kelly Smith will comment on the current state of the news industry, media ethics, and journalistic practices.

Gayle Golden, from the University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, will discuss media literacy in the classroom and the education of journalists in today’s crowded and confusing media landscape.

Lindsay Matts-Benson, University of Minnesota Libraries, will explain how the Libraries helps U of M students develop critical thinking skills and good media consumption habits.

Cody Hennesy, journalism and mass communications librarian, will moderate the panel discussion and the audience Q & A that follows.

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