Murphy Hall Renovation

Building for the Future

Building for the Future

Building for the Future

The future is bright for Murphy Hall and Hubbard School students. Discover what's in store for the building and how you can support the School's next 100 years. 

Discover the future of Murphy Hall

The Next 100

Murphy Hall has stood the test of time. And now it’s time for it to serve the next century of journalists, communicators and researchers. Discover the plans for Murphy Hall in 2022 and beyond. 

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Hubbard School alums and donors share their excitement for the renovation. 

Deb Hopp

“How glorious it is that journalism students have had a home, a hall of their own for decades and decades. Murphy Hall remains a critical touchpoint for all of us, whether physically or in the stories we tell of our time spent within its walls and the people we met there. And how exciting to think about Murphy re-tooled and reimagined for future scholars and practitioners.” -- Deborah Hopp (B.A. '75)

Scott Meyer

“Murphy Hall is legendary. What I learned in Murphy Hall changed the course of my career. And while it was a state-of the-art building when I was there in the 70’s, it needs to be state of the art for students in the 2020’s and beyond. Combined with its stellar faculty, a new Murphy Hall can continue to graduate sought-after journalists and communicators.” -- Scott Meyer, alum and adjunct instructor

Jane Burk

“I came to Murphy Hall “fresh off the boat” from Beijing, China in 1988. Murphy Hall became a favorite spot during my graduate studies at the School. It was there I advanced the critical thinking, concise and precise writing, and gained the confidence in myself. I am excited for the Murphy Hall renovation and share the vision of supporting the School in its next 100 years. Future students will reap the benefits from the modern facility and a curriculum that is globally oriented while grounded by the community.” -- Jane Burk (M.A. '90)

Jill Braaten

“There’s no question that journalists are playing an even more pivotal role in our country and the world. Supporting the much-needed renovation of Murphy Hall is critical. Our Hubbard School students will have a state-of-the-art training ground and launch pad that will ensure they can compete and thrive once they formally enter the profession.” -- Jill Braaten (B.A. ’91)

Support Murphy Hall

Donor support is critical when bringing the best to our students and building for the future. Please consider giving to our building renovation fund. This fund supports renovations to Murphy Hall and capital improvements related to the Hubbard School's 100th anniversary. We appreciate the support.

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