Jada Jesberg

Jada loves using her creativity.
Graduation year
Watkins, Minn.
Strategic Communication

Why did you decide to pursue your major?
I have always loved creating/using my creativity and I knew that I wanted a career that allowed me to do that everyday. I also love the idea of working in an industry that is so influential. Advertising can be an aid for societal change, and I would love for my work to encourage change for the better. 

What has been your favorite part of your experience at the Hubbard School?
I love how passionate the professors are about what it is that they teach. I have yet to have a professor at the J-School that didn't seem genuine and kind. They are all super helpful and encouraging, the type of people you hope to keep up with after school.

What journalism class or professor has had the biggest impact on you?
Mark Jenson's love for teaching and love for the industry really shows. He is so kind and is always willing to help out with questions and offer advice.

What minors, internships, or activities are you pursuing outside of your major? 
I am in Ad Club and that group has helped me immensely! I have met so many wonderful people (both students and local professionals) that have helped me gain some confidence in pursuing advertising. I also have minors in film and design which have enhanced my overall knowledge in the world of creative advertising.

What advice do you have for future Hubbard School students?
I know it's annoying to hear all the time, but network. Putting yourself out there is terrifying, but trust me when I say that most of the people in this field want to help you. Setting up informal meetings with professionals is just a great way to learn more about what you want to do and how to get there. 

What tactics do you use to manage school, work and life during the COVID-19 pandemic?
I try and give myself an hour a day to do whatever I want. It's an hour where I can stop with homework or work and just lay down for a little bit or go for a walk. It gets tough when every day feels the same, so to keep sane you need at least something each day to make you feel a little better. 

Jada Jesberg