Emma Mazour

Emma Mazour talks about her experiences as a journalism major pursuing strategic communication.
Graduation year
Strategic Communications

Interviewed by Larissa Mavros

Why did you choose a Strategic Communications major?

I chose the Strategic Communications major because it's given me practical skills that I can put to use in my professional life, as well as critical thinking skills that have led me to examine the world around me through a different lens.

What is one of your favorite classes in HSJMC?

My favorite SJMC class has been Strategic Communication Case Analysis (Jour 4259). With professors from Best Buy and a focus on crisis communication, the class has given me real world knowledge on a scale that I could never have imagined. I'm learning from the people who've done it all, and I'm fascinated by their expertise and the conversations that arise from that.

With which student groups are you involved?

In my time at the U, I've been the communications director for the Minnesota Student Association, the undergraduate student government. I've gone through media crises that made national headlines and created a mental health campaign, "How Are You?" that reached hundreds of thousands of people. It's given me the opportunity to apply the skills I've learned in the classroom and use them for advocacy that can make a difference for students.

Have you completed an internship?

I was a marketing intern for Cambridge University Press in Madrid for a summer. The most fascinating part of this was understanding how to create content that would be meaningful in a media landscape and cultural context that I wasn't familiar with. It was continually challenging, but it's given me an even greater understanding of how media fits into our culture.

So, that means you studied abroad then?

I studied abroad in Madrid for a summer. What really made the experience so meaningful were the connections I created (many with fellow SJMC students) and being able to truly understand the city by getting to know what makes each of its neighborhoods so unique.​

What are your career goals?

I'm not sure quite yet if I'll pursue agency, public, or corporate opportunities after graduation, but if I could do anything later in my career, I'd love to work in advocacy for media representation of marginalized identities. ​

What advice do you have for future SJMC students?

Everyone needs communications! If you're having trouble getting experience, pursue your interests outside of strategic communication. You can fill their communications need, work in something you're passionate about, and get experience for future jobs or internships.​

Emma Mazour