Graduate Assistantships

In addition to scholarship and fellowship awards, graduate students may seek positions as research or teaching assistants. These positions involve quarter- or half-time appointments as assistants to the faculty and staff of the HSJMC. Students obtaining assistantships are eligible for resident tuition rates and partial or full tuition waivers depending on their appointment (50 percent tuition waiver for quarter-time assistantship; 100 percent tuition waiver for half-time assistantship), as well as health insurance benefits.

Hubbard School teaching assistantships are awarded to graduate students who have highly developed verbal proficiency in English and demonstrated degree objectives, scholarly achievement, experience, and financial need. Research assistantships may be available in association with faculty and center research projects.

Other departments across the University often hire graduate students for various positions, which may include teaching, research, or administrative duties. These positions are listed on the Office of Human Resources website.